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What's the Precautions for Practicing Yoga?

Jul. 23, 2019

In spare time, putting on a Body Building Yoga Mat, more and more female friends joined the ranks of practicing yoga. Practicing yoga can not only help you relax your body and mind, but also achieve the effect of slimming and losing weight. Therefore, many women are loyal fans of yoga. When practicing yoga, be sure to pay attention to the precautions of yoga so as not to cause harm to the body.

Body Building Yoga Mat

Body Building Yoga Mat

1. Do not practice yoga within one hour after meals.

When practicing yoga, be careful not to practice when you are too full.

The movement of yoga requires the body to bend and twist, so do not practice yoga for an hour before and after meals, and reduce the amount of food before practicing yoga to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach.

2. Mood swings should not practice yoga.

Yoga is a movement that fits both body and mind. If you are angry, anxious, or nervous, your muscles are tight. Do not practice yoga to avoid injury. Only when you practice yoga with soft muscles can you be healthier and safer.

3. People who has blood coagulation disease, blood coagulation can not practice yoga.

For some people with blood diseases, it is not suitable for practicing yoga. The movement of yoga needs to be placed, the limbs are stretched and twisted, and the process may cause a decrease in peripheral blood flow, which may cause blood coagulation to be severe and cause cardiovascular disease.

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