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The Role Of Yoga Supplies

Aug. 21, 2019

Here is a Cheap PVC Yoga Mat Exporter talking about the role of yoga supplies.

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Cheap PVC Yoga Mat Exporter

Cheap PVC Yoga Mat Exporter

I believe that everyone can do a series of preparations before going to yoga, including the preparation of yoga supplies, the search for online tutorials, etc. The general yoga products include yoga clothes, yoga mats, yoga mats, yoga bricks, etc. Everyone introduces the role of yoga products, you can find out what you are interested in!

Yoga Mat: Yoga mat is an auxiliary yoga product for yoga practice. Spreading the yoga mat on the ground can prevent bruises on the spine, ankles, hips, knees, etc. Yoga mats should use environmentally friendly, tasteless, and elastic products. If you gently push the surface of the mat with your palm, you should have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat, there will be a slippery feeling, so it will be easy to slip and fall when practicing on it. For those who are doing yoga, you can choose a thick mat, such as 6mm thick; you can choose a yoga mat with a thickness of 3.5mm-5mm.

Yoga clothing: A kind of clothing worn when practicing yoga in yoga clothes. When choosing a yoga outfit, it must be based on comfort, loose, and have better breathability. Yoga Brick: It is an auxiliary product for yoga practice. Do some basic yoga exercises, such as brick transition when you can't reach the front of the curved hand; when you are half-moon, you can use brick transition when you are not balanced enough. Yoga Ball: It is a modern and popular fitness product. Through exercise, you can improve your flexibility, balance your ability, change your posture, and enhance your heart and lung function. Generally choose different sizes of yoga balls according to your height and needs.

Stretch belt: It is an auxiliary product for yoga practice. For example, half-faced, when the two hands are not enough, you can use the extension belt to transition; the hands and feet can not reach the transition with the extension belt. Paving towel: The towel should be used together with the yoga mat. The top of the mat is soft and sweat-absorbent.

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