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What Is The Cleaning Technique Of The Non-woven Drawstring Bag?

Jul. 08, 2019

We often use Non-woven Drawstring Bag, mainly because of its environmentally friendly performance. When we use the non-woven drawstring bag for a long time, it needs to be cleaned, or it will be dirty. As a professional Non-woven Drawstring Bag Shop, today we are going to share with you about the cleaning skills of non-woven drawstring bag as follows:

Non-woven Drawstring Bag Shop

Non-woven Drawstring Bag Shop

1. Soaking method: non-woven drawstring bag should be soaked in cold water or warm washing powder for 10 to 20 minutes. The time should not be too long. Because the non-woven material is easily immersed in water for a long time, please do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent to prevent fading of non-woven bags.

2. When cleaning, it is recommended to wash the effect by hand gently. You can't use a brush. The non-woven bag will be easy to fluff, so the non-woven bag will be difficult to read.

3. If you want to clean quickly, it is recommended that you use a soft brush, gently rub it by hand, then brush it with a soft brush. It must be light because the non-woven fabric is easy to break.

4. After cleaning, firstly flatten the non-woven drawstring bag, preferably dry or blow dry quickly, keep the temperature lower when baking and drying; or remove excess water and level it in cool and ventilated place. Dry in the shade.

5. When purchasing a non-woven drawstring bag, it is best to pick a bag that is a little thicker. Although it starts to cost a little more, it will become easier in your future cleaning process.

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